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Evolution bamboo

Let’s Evolve! This is their mantra. I sure like their dedication to the environment and beautiful design. Please check them out! www.evolutionbamboo.com

We set out to do something better—to act more responsibly, and create luxurious furniture options for people who care.

Utilizing the Abundance of Nature

Giant Moso Bamboo forests cover vast expanses of rural China. Our manual harvesting methods preserve healthy root systems to ensure erosion control and guarantee immediate re-growth in as little as 5 years.

This offers a major advantage over plantation teak, which requires 40-60 years to reach maturity and must be re-planted from a seedling with each tree that’s felled.

The Fine Qualities of Hardwood, Only Better

Bamboo provides renewable and environmentally sound construction material, displaying the natural beauty and warmth we’ve come to expect only in hardwoods. Yet the attributes of this giant grass are far more extensive, with a finished product that’s stronger than teak, oak, or maple, and so durable that it won’t blow away in anything less than a hurricane.

The Elegance of Simplicity

Our furniture design is simple, elegant, and timeless. Our focus is on easy style to suit an easy lifestyle. But the care, the craftsmanship, and the details are painstakingly precise. Look closely at our joinery. We want you to.

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