Why Green?

Environmentally Preferable Materials

1. Non toxic

Green Leaf Cabinets are constructed of materials that have undergone third party independent certification to ensure that they are environmentally preferable products. These materials contribute to the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification program. These include contributions towards products that are of recycled content, rapidly renewable, agricultural reuse and those that maintain healthy air quality. All glues, contact cements and finishes have been specifically chosen because they are free of toxic chemicals.  We will continue our efforts to utilize emerging technologies and materials that lower the impact our process and product may have on the environment.

2. Rapidly renewable materials

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource and able to regenerate to full maturity in less than ten years. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet that does not require additional fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation. In contrast, petroleum products are non-renewable and are caustic to our environment during extraction, manufacturing and as they off gas. Old growth woodlands are quickly being harvested and unfortunately mature hundreds of years later. Other renewable resources include cork, wool, cotton, jute, hemp and soy.

3. Quality craftsmanship

Green Leaf cabinets aren’t just about beauty, they’re about durability and fine craftmanship as well. Locally built cabinets that will last for generations. We take pride in our work and only choose materials that are durable, environmentally safe and free of toxins.

Made in the U.S.A. GreenGuard Certified
Scientific Certification Systems Scientific Certification Systems
LEED FSC Certified

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