Cabinet Specs

Box material construction

The carcasses of our cabinets are made from ¾” prefinished maple plywood. The wood used is FSC certified.  The Forest Stewardship Council oversees and certifies the sustainable growth and harvest of trees and bamboo, guaranteeing the product is socially responsible and helping to protect the environment.  The glues used in this product are free of urea-formaldehyde and it has a no VOC finish.

Door and drawer material choices

Our most popular cabinet choice is bamboo.  The choices for bamboo are easy and all look beautiful.  Choose from vertical grain or horizontal grain and an amber or a natural blonde color.  Also available are door and drawer fronts made from FSC certified woods or from reclaimed materials.  Our standard for drawer boxes is an FSC certified 9 ply prefinished maple plywood. This material embodies the same qualities as the plywood we use for the carcasses.  All the sides of the drawers are ½” think, the bottoms are 3/8” thick and all joints are dovetailed.


The cabinets incorporate Blum hinges and glides on all doors and drawers. For the drawers we use full extension undermount glides.  The actual glide is hidden under the drawer and has built-in features for adjustability.  The standard hinge used is a 120 degree swing hinge.  It is adjustable three ways: up and down, in and out, and left and right.  With all our cabinets “soft-close” devices are a standard feature.

Face-Frame vs. Euro Style


Face–frame cabinets have a frame that is glued onto the front of the carcasses.  Imagine a “grid” laid over the face of the boxes.  Doors and drawers can either overlay on top of the frame or can be inset or “flush mounted”.  This is a more classical style that provides a traditional type of feel.  Any door and drawer style can be incorporated with face-frame cabinets.


Euro-style cabinets have no face-frame.  Instead, the carcasses are banded and the door and drawer fronts lay on top of the boxes.  Euro cabinets have tight reveals offering a more modern look as well as providing more usable space in every box.

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