Materials and Design

All of our bamboo cabinets are constructed made to order with high, custom quality. Bamboo panels are constructed of rapidly renewable materials and are free of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde typically found in adhesives and finishes. To learn more about our cabinet construction click here.

Interior box options

1. Recycled content, formaldehyde free melamine

Clean air -Roseburg SkyBlend™ core panels are manufactured with SkyBlend™ particleboard or MDF and contain no added urea formaldehyde.
Conservation of resources – Particleboard Core is EPP certified 100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber Particleboard and MDF
FSC SkyBlend Particleboard available when specified


2. FSC pre-finished maple

Clean air – PureBond technology utilizes formaldehyde-free, soy-based adhesive, UV cured pre finished containing no VOC’s
Conservation of resources – FSC certified maple


3. Bamboo

For cabinets with glass or open casing bamboo panels are used on the interior. Bamboo panels can be used throughout, however they increase the cost of the project significantly.


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