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bamboo school

The 5,000 sq m bamboo school is located on a site that was formerly a fruit orchard and is now a collection of pavilions organized along pathways inspired by the shape of the tropical antler horn fern. The buildings are all made from earth’s elements and were

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Biodegradable car made from rattan and bamboo!

Modern, sleek and down to Earth … The two-seater Phoenix concept car was built using rattan and bamboo – making it sustainable and biodegradable. Of course, the design still uses some steel and carbon fibre in key areas, and the motor will be made from metal, but the body at

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Bamboo Speaker – Electricity Free!

Hello all, This is a simple, low tech and beautiful little bamboo speaker. The natural resonance of the bamboo amplifies the sound produced by the iPhone’s built-in speaker. The sound waves move in two directions at once, intensifying the stereo effect created by the iPhone. Since

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Bamboo Helmets

Motorcycle, Bicycle Helmets and more ….Ok yes the original fighting man used bamboo helmets! Face cage and all! then came the military uses … warriors come out and play!but now a more peaceful and intentional use … protection for your noggin while you

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