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Ecological Activity Centre For Children made from Bamboo!

The mother ship has landed and she’s eco friendly! On an island in the Gulf of Thailand is located, Soneva Kiri, a 6 star resort. The resort is a unique site with a many ecological icons designed to contribute to the well designed, ecology

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Cool Down That Computer!

Last night I was working on my computer for far too long and noticed how hot it had gotten on it’s bottom. I started searching the web for stand and fans that would quietly cool my computer. I was hoping for a cordless

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Awesome bamboo chair!

Check these beauties out! Modular bamboo chair made from veneer plywood. Swing to fit your size. Bamboo is so cool, it has many many uses and guess what? Its rapidly renewable, requires no additional fertilizers, pesticides or nasty chemicals derived from petrol chemicals!! Sweeeeet!

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Beautiful Bamboo Lights!

Mike Schmitt, eco designer, has put together a collection of warm lighting fixtures fabricated from Moso bamboo.  The Moso pendant lamp creates an inviting warm glow with its bamboo veneer shade panels. This innovative design combines sustainable materials with an energy-efficient light source. The

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Amazing Bamboo Taxis in the Philippines!

Once again the ingenuity of a culture and the resourcefulness of the bamboo plant have combined for yet another amazing piece of technology, Bamboo taxis!Check out these beauties!  See the full gallery on Posterous

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Green Leaf Brochures are out!

As stated earlier Greener Printer has provided Green Leaf Doors with our new brochure.  It is one thing to provide a recycled content paper, but the quality of the paper is best we have found for high quality color brochures. We are sure glad they are available as a resource

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Green Leaf Brochures printed using Greener Printer are out!

True to our word. Green Leaf Doors is committed to operating our business in a sustainable manner. This means, not only a green product, but sustainable “green” processes as well. Our new brochures are out and they are printed on 100% recycled content paper, chlorine free! Visit us at,

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Welcome to our new vendor in Pacheco, CA.!

We are excited to welcome our new friends at Craftsman Collective to the Green Leaf Vendor team. They are located at 5399 Pacheco Boulevard. Pacheco, CA 94553 . Give owner Robert Myer a call at (925) 609-6420. Tell him you want to see the Green Leaf Bamboo Doors. See

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