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grassroots bamboo cottages

I was surfing around on Linkedin. I tend to bounce around the green building collective. Someone from Behance.net shared these pics of bamboo cottages. I love the indigenous green building! Cheers! See the full gallery on Posterous

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Modern #Bamboo door with metal inlay

Green Leaf Doors, the only American made bamboo door in the industry, recently built a modern bamboo door designed Design Work Place Inc. The door, with it’s generous curves and metal inlays, is a one of a kind custom door that the technicians at

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Beautiful #bamboo tile mosaic

I recently came across and installation of a dark, rich wood tile backsplash. The material was set brick set and was the color of dark mahogany or ipe. I asked the designer what she had specified and she said it was bamboo! I did a little research on the internet

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Thanks for visiting us at #GreenBuild!

We are glad you had the chance to visit us! Thank you. How can we be of further assistance?  We’d like to follow up and offer you samples, brochures or any other additional information you might need. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or comments. If you would

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#GreenBuild 2012 – out and about San Francisco!

Most anyone who knows me I am passionate about the environment, both playing in and enjoying as well as addressing ways in which we can live in a harmonious relationship with her. So this is why we come to Green Build, to share our efforts and honor the efforts

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Building with #Bamboo Lumber

Bamboo Lumber manufactured from strand woven bamboo is the latest and greatest product in the bamboo industry. It is insanely dense, durable and it’s HEAVY! Don’t even try to shoot a nail through it or drive a screw without pre drilling. It’s bends nails and shreds screws without proper preparation.

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The Green Leaf Team doing their thing at #DwellOnDesign!

Elliott and Mike T. at the Green Leaf Door exhibit in LA, Ca. at the Dwell On Design show during a brief lull in the show. Also attached is the new bamboo fan offered by #BigAssFans. One of the exhibits that stood out amongst

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#DwellOnDesign has doubled in size and is fabulous this year!

Elliot, Mikel and Mike from Green Leaf Doors are having a great time down here in Los Angeles, California. We did miss the Scorpions and Tesla concert and we are going to miss the X Games, but we are not missing the Dwell on

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#Dwell On Design will Rock!

Well folks we made it down to LA to set up for the Dwell on Design show and navigated all the craziness. After and full day (and no food, uuggg!) we set up our spot at booth DM5. There are some great looking displays and exciting products. Come on

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Off to show our bamboo doors at #Dwell On Design

Cheers friends, The crew at #GreenLeafDoors is off to the LA Dwell conference to show off our bamboo doors. Check out some shots of our latest door job. Beautiful flush bamboo door with honey strand woven bamboo running horizontally across the door. Notice the

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