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Architect Barbie chooses Bamboo

Barbie’s Dream House has bamboo flooring. Does yours? Aug 11, 2011 3:00 PM If you don’t have a three-year-old at home, you probably missed the addition this month of Architect Barbie to Mattel’s 50-year-old line of fashion dolls. The goal of the launch, according to the El Segundo, California-based company, is to get girls

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Bamboo Architecture

    Click link below to see this article with lots of PHOTOS:   Construction with Bamboo – Modern bamboo architecture Seite 1 von 13 Modern bamboo architecture introduction joint by Renzo Piano picture modern bamboo- architects Simón Vélez file://D:www.bambusnewengreportsmodern_architecturereferat.html 27.10.2002 It is a fact that literature about bamboo in modern architecture is hard to find. At this time bamboo is just used

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A Bamboo Revolution

A Bamboo Revolution The owner-farmers of a cooperative plantation in Kipahulu are hoping to be the leaders in a "bamboo revolution." Organized as a co-op last year, Whispering Winds Bamboo grows around 15 different species of timber bamboo on 20 acres, along with 18 species of

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