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Didn’t get exactly what you wanted for xmas? Give yourself a gift Gilligan would be proud of….

Getting Eco With Bamboo Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Asus has a series of notebooks that make use of a bamboo finish. I’ve seen laptop cooling stands that are also made of bamboo. If you want to keep taking food away from the pandas, here is another option to add to your office: a full bamboo wireless keyboard and mouse set.

What’s interesting about this keyboard and mouse is that they are made fully of bamboo; there is “almost no plastic” here and the bamboo goes more than skin deep. Because bamboo grows in a tropical environment, it is particularly hardy against humidity. It’s also sustainable, since it grows relatively quickly.

The actual keyboard and mouse aren’t all that exciting with the usual set of keys and buttons. The keyboard has 108 keys, including some shortcuts, while the mouse has a rubber scroll wheel between its two bamboo buttons. Find it on Brando for $82.

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