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Budda Belly Bamboo

One of my favorite flavors of bamboo is called the “Budda belly”, and its for good reason. Check out the photos of the belly on this bamboo!
There are an estimated 1200 species and 91 genera of bamboo throughout the world. It grows from the freezing mountains of the Himalayas down to the sub-Saharan deserts of Africa. The majority of bamboo species grow throughout Asia, but there are even three varieties native to the United States mainland.

The smallest bamboo grows to be a mere 11 inches high, while the giant timber bamboo can stretch up to over 100 feet. It is the fastest growing plant in the world. Under the right conditions, it has been recorded to grow  46 inches in a single day. People say it grows so fast, you can hear it. Bamboo reaches it’s maximum hight and girth in a single season, making it an amazing renewable resource. Even though it grows so fast, it can also live for a really long time. All varieties of bamboo flower, but it is a very uncommon occurrence. There are a few varieties that will not flower until they reach an age of over 130 years, then they will put out a scant few flowers. The plant uses up so much energy to produce the flowers, it is very common for it to die shortly after.


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